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What to expect

You can expect:

  • To have a case history taken to find out about your general state of health, and how you acquired your injury
  • To be given an explanation of the possible cause of the problem and whether osteopathy can help
  • To be given an indication of the number of treatments needed before reassessment, discharge or referral
  • To have an examination in order to evaluate your physical condition and if necessary carry out appropriate tests such as taking reflexes and blood pressure
  • To be asked for your consent to treat


What to wear


So that the osteopath can easily look for patterns and assess movement, most patients are treated in their underwear or similar attire such as shorts, which you can bring along with you. However we always provide towels for your comfort and privacy.


After treatment


Osteopathy aims to improve your physical and overall well-being, and individuals respond differently. Many people feel an immediate improvement, some take a few days to feel the benefits, while others feel an initial soreness as if muscles have been worked. Recommendations will be made as part of your treatment aftercare advice.